All information that you provide to us, including your credit card information, is subject to the Privacy Policy. If you have a membership to the Services, your credit card will automatically be charged by a third party payment service each year for your ongoing membership. For all other purchases, your credit card will be charged by a third party payment service who will transfer and deliver the funds to us at the time of purchase. For your convenience and continuous membership benefits as a member, if your payment method reaches its expiration date and you do not edit your credit card information or cancel your membership, you authorize us to continue billing that credit card on file including extending the expiration date until we are notified by you or the credit card company that the account is no longer valid. We encourage you to constantly update your payment method information or cancel your membership should you wish to discontinue your membership. We are not responsible for any fees or charges your issuing bank or credit card provider may charge you. If your payment to us is returned for any reason, you authorize us to continue billing your credit card on file and seek payment by another method until payment is received. 

We use a third party payment service in lieu of directly processing your credit card information. By submitting your credit card information, you grant Chalice the right to store and process your information with the third party payment service, which it may change from time to time; you agree that Chalice will not be responsible for any failures of the third party payment service to adequately protect such information. All financial matters regarding your information are subject to the conditions of the third party payment service provider’s terms of service. You acknowledge that we may change the third party payment service and move your information to other service providers that encrypt your information using secure socket layer technology (SSL) or other comparable security technology. 

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