1.  Census of all employees including part time and seasonal workers. The census should show which employees are eligible for medical, which employees are enrolled in medical with their dependent enrollment information, dates of birth, hire date, list of employees who are on COBRA (along with term date), list of employees who are in their COBRA election period (along with term date), titles, annualized wages, indication of whether each is employee is paid hourly or on a salary basis, hourly pay or salary.

2.  Payroll frequency for all employees.

3.  Indication of when the seasonal employees start including any staggered
starts schedules.

4.  A copy of your current medical plan and information on who is eligible for which plan if you have multiple plans.

5.  Information related to your employer contribution for each plan.

6.  Information about your current dental, vision, basic life, AD&D, LTD, STD plans (including carriers and coverages) whether they are totally, partially or not funded by the employer.

7.  The past 3 years of claims data for your workers’ compensation insurance program including your declaration page.

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