a.) Service, service and service! We are service-obsessed and proud of it. When you work with Oasis, you know your team, we know your team and we partner to provide you with the best possible outcomes in every transaction. You are not a number to us, you are our partner and our future and we hope to work with you forever.                   b.) Flexibility! Oasis allows significant flexibility in our services and products. For instance, if our medical plan is not an option for your group, you can carve it out and maintain your own plan. If our workers’ compensation insurance is not available for your group, it may be carved out and you can maintain coverage on your own through your current carrier. We want the best for you and your group and do not insist on tying you into our programs for our sole benefit. c.) Private Ownership! We are the largest privately owned PEO in the nation which means we are not focused on the need to increase shareholder value every day. We are large, but doing the right thing for our clients trumps profit motivation every time.

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