As an online marketing provider for Financial Advisors, helping firms and their clients stay safe and secure online is one of our top priorities. One way to increase online security is with an HTTPS website. HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is exchanged between your browser and the website to which it’s connected. When a website has HTTPS, all communications between browser and website are encrypted, making it much harder for third parties to interpret, alter, or delete information.

This is especially important because Google is now calling out non-HTTPS sites in a visible way. And, essentially, “Not Secure” warnings are kryptonite to financial services providers – even if the information requested is benign, that glaring warning is enough to cause most visitors to close your page and move on to a secure site. With a HTTPS website, you can relax knowing you’re providing a safe, secure, and ideal experience to visitors.

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